Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Philadelphia summary!

I'm sorry that I keep linking you to larger posts over on my Livejournal (which is essentially a carbon copy of this blog), but they're too long/image heavy to put here without my layout exploding/making me go all sorts of obsessive compulsive on it.

So that said, here is a link to a summary of my trip.

Thank you again to Jonathan & Leigh at Studio 27.28 (more flattery exists in the linked entry!).

And if you don't feel like going there, then look at this tattoo that someone got of one of the show pieces - her artist did a great job replicating the drawing.

This blog might be on the quiet side for a week or two, I have a few tattoo commissions that I have to get done, and it's not really okay for me to show them to everyone, you know? I hope you understand.


Nicole said...

Her tattoo is gorgeous!

I absolutely love everything you create. How much do you charge to draw up a tattoo? If you're not too busy, it would be so awesome if you could draw something for me.

I'd even send you some sort of baked good, too! :)

Cassandra said...

It depends on how large it is really. She snagged that design from an existing piece, so it wasn't any extra work for me at all. :) But.. I am 99% sure that I'm going to stop taking on tattoo commissions in the very near future. So if you want to email me before I decide for good, go for it! haha