Sunday, August 24, 2008

Crappity crap.

So here is a picture of what is maybe 2/3rds of the work for the Philly show. I think I have more than I thought! A couple of things are still at ellO, and I have a few things buried in my mess of a bedroom, and.. *gasp*.. two things aren't finished yet. Okay maybe three. And as you can see, things aren't framed, stuff in sleeves is crooked.. yeah at this point it's all just a big mess that I have to go through and organize before I mail it all off. Make sure everything is titled/signed/dated/etc.. oh, and priced. I haven't done all of that yet either.

This is definitely the last stretch. It has to be mailed by Wednesday AT THE LATEST.

Crap oh crap.

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