Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm changing the sheets but I'd rather change your life.

Pre-show preparation was scowling at the rain outside and having ridiculous conversations with girl-love that included things like HERE I'M TAKING AN AWKWARD PICTURE PLEASE TELL ME IF MY DRESS IS TOO SHORT.

The show itself was.. well, everyone's bags were fantastic (okay, maybe three of them made me go "..."), there was a different crowd than what usually shows up at ellO, and my bag even sold. But you see, and some of you know this already, every so often social anxiety kicks my ass. And my typical show buddy/sanity was out of state, my bike nerd forgot that I existed.. I'm so, so thankful that Leah came for a while and let me escape with her for coffee, because otherwise I probably would have snuck out well before the show ended at 9. The worst part is, I probably come off as a huge snob at these events, but the truth is, I'm just bad at approaching strangers and I kind of hate talking about my art.

The photos aren't up yet, but I'll definitely be sharing them with you when they are. My roommate turned her bag into a dress, which I have been in awe over since February, watching her work towards the end result. I do have this for you, that the wonderful Leah took:

The bird looks a little blobby here, but I swear it isn't irl, and what you can't see are the two other birds on the back, and more filigree on the bottom/sides/inside.

Today I drew this for fun, I think maybe I'll get it someday:
take me home outline


* said...

You look great!

* said...
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Cassandra said...

Thank you, dear stranger.<3