Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Juxtapoz featured me in the reader art section of their website today. I love them, so this is very exciting! Hello if you are reading this due to finding me there - and I apologize for the overabundance of crappy rose drawings that have been taking over my last few entries.

I haven't drawn anything that hasn't been for a show/job/apprenticeship since January. At least, until this small thing:

(I'm really bad with titles.) If you happen to have a crush on it, you can buy it here.

It appears as though I am sick. Again. And if you remember, I was sick a few days before my last show, and I refuse to believe it's a coincidence! Sure, this time and last I had been in close contact with carriers of the plague, but my immune system is good to me.. except when I'm stressed out. Stress = my greatest ruiner. And in the last couple of weeks I've started a new job, the apprenticeship, and have been all sorts of anxious over the show. All I want to do is be at the shop, but all I've managed to do is sleep, drink tea, and draw badly. I hope my artist doesn't hate me.

So this will be the last rose flash that I'll force you guys to look at for a while. I'm getting better at drawing these things, but I'm still not nearly as good as I'd like to be. This is about 13 inches, measured diagonally, and is meant to go on someone's side/ribs. I wish I had used different colours.

Rose rib piece

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