Sunday, March 23, 2008

Still in progress/I'm quite tired.

This is a (terrible) scan of what part of my BaileyWorks bag looks like so far. I don't hate it, and even more surprisingly, I haven't messed it up yet (I rarely paint, and to be honest, it doesn't come as naturally to me as drawing). I still have hours of work left on it, and both this and the last of the Re:Format work needs to be done by Monday afternoon.. I don't know if I can do it. I think I might have to drop out of the Re:Format show. I don't want to and I'm going to be disappointed in myself, but I can't miraculously add more hours to the time I have left for all of this.

All of that white stuff on the bottom right is a glare from my scanner. I'll have pictures soon instead.

Unfinished BaileyWorks bag.

To be added: More swirly things, birds, and a drawing on the inside.

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