Thursday, April 26, 2012


I'm currently reworking my website. Two things related to this:

1. If I move my blog over to wordpress (so it is more a part of my site, rather than an separate addition), would you follow? I'm torn, because I would prefer to integrate the two better, but I've also been here on blogspot since 2007, so I'm a little attached.

2. My site is going to have both a portfolio page, and a page with sketchbooks/art journals. I've spent my evening going through many, many old journal pages, to decide which to share and which to keep hidden in the depths of flickr (or, not scanned at all). Here are some old favorites:

pg. 46 & 47

pg. 30 & 31

A long week.

pg. 4 & 5

bird sketch

more messes

pg. 10


Michelle said...

I'll follow. :)

Cassandra said...

That's because, if you are the Michelle that I think you are, you've been following me for so long that now you're kind of stuck. ;)

But really, I worry it would be a massive pain in everyone's asses.

claire platt said...

I'd follow! beautiful sketches as always btw

Kerry Ball said...

I'd still follow you, gladly! But I will say that I hateeeee the way that most wordpress blogs appear/link up in the google reader (that's how I read most of my blogs). I'd still follow you though ;)

Cassandra said...

Kerry: How do wordpress blogs look for you in google reader? I use it as well, but the one blog I can think of that's definitely wordpress shows up normally for me. I wonder if it's a setting on the blogger's end?