Sunday, March 4, 2012

You'd find me blooming by the riverbed.

My dreams in the last week have caused me to wake up exhausted nearly every day. I dream frequently and vividly, this is nothing new, but the content recently has been strange. Last night I dreamed of tornadoes (this happens often, as I'm terrified of them). In it, they were so violent that they were somehow lighting the clouds on fire for brief moments, so the sky was swirling and erupting in red, and I was so scared but stood snapping pictures.

I've also had multiple dreams about tulips, which is the most mystifying thing. I don't hold a particular fondness for the flowers, or at least I didn't until the dreams started happening, but now I keep collecting photos that I find on tumblr and drawing them, as if drawing them will somehow help me figure out why my brain keeps having them pop up. In the dreams, they are always yellow with streaks of red. They're not being given to me, I'm not in a field, they're just there, and I don't feel anything other than "Oh, that's nice," in the same way I would if I were to see them in the waking world if I were walking down the street.


Stormy Seaworthy said...

Not saying this is why as I am not a dream interpreter but maybe to crack a smile from you - I always thought of tulips as the phallic flower.

Tornadoes are one of my most dreamed about nightmares. All my life. I am obsessed and phobic of them at the same time. Which is probably part of the phobia...the obsession.

Cassandra said...

I don't think they're phallic, but I DO think the stamen of almost all flowers is! Apparently tulips symbolically mean "perfect love" (lol), but in dreamland, mean that the dreamer will "enjoy good news."

I feel the same way about tornadoes. The dream definitely happened because I was reading news about the outbreaks the day before.