Thursday, February 2, 2012

Encyclopedia of: Birds, Failures, Should Haves, Could Haves

pg. 2-3

So Tuesday has come and gone, and I'm happy to say that my Sketchbook Project was dropped into a mailbox to begin it's journey to the Brooklyn Art Library, deadline met.

Thoughts on the project: I am proud to have finished this year. I would do it again (and will be, as the Limited Edition sketchbook is due in April). I don't love all of the pages, and that's okay. Some of them break my heart, and that's okay too.

The process was less-than-strange. I treated it as I would any of my other sketchbooks, not thinking much about how other people would be seeing it as each page was finished. I did take care to choose mediums that would last as the book is passed through multiple hands, but as far as content, I ended up immersing myself in it as though it would be without an audience.

Which is why posting the scanned pages on the internet has been a little scary. I'm no stranger to putting my sketchbooks online, but it's always been different. More filtered. If a page is too personal, I don't scan it. It's that simple. But this one? It feels exposing in a whole new way. One that I haven't yet felt with showing other sketchbooks, or even wholly at gallery shows. I have even written and rewritten this post a few times, unsure of how much I should or should not be sharing. There is an odd twinge of guilt in creating something out of memories that do not solely belong to you, and the guilt increases tenfold when you show that creation off.

So, finding myself out of things to say, here are some of my aesthetically favorite pages from the book. You can see them all here, or on my Art House page.

pg. 10-11

pg. 16-17

pg. 26-27

pg. 28-29


visioluxus said...

I've been following your work for some time but I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that you never cease to inspire me!

Cassandra said...

I think that is the best compliment a person can receive. Thank you so much.<3