Friday, January 6, 2012

Stems and bones and stone walls too.

pg. 6-7

pg. 8-9

pg. 10-11

The last two pictures are the center pages in my 2012 Sketchbook Project. The postmark deadline is January 31st, and I'm excited because it looks like I'm going to complete it in time (as I've mentioned, I failed at the 2011 project). I've put the Limited Edition on hold for now, but will be diving in as soon as the 2012 is finished.

I won't be explaining the pages, or the sadness that stretches across many of them. It is what it is. My sketchbooks have always been something of a journal. This one is tricky though, since it will be going on a nationwide tour and it's being posted online as I complete pages. I am having to learn how to balance honesty while maintaining a certain degree of privacy and anonymity (mostly for the sake of others).

The pages after the first three shown above are less.. lost-sounding. It's hard to post them and not apologize for them.

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