Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On making time.

I have decided that I need to try significantly harder to make more time for art in my life. I allow myself to be consumed with work and relationships and in the last year+, art has been the last thing on my list of priorities. This is poor logic on my part, as drawing makes me happier than almost anything else on the planet(! in the galaxy! in the universe!).

To give myself a little motivation, I signed up for The Sketchbook Project again this year. This is actually doubly motivating, because I have a theme/deadline, and last year I failed to finish my book on time and never sent it in. And I don't take failure or disappointment lightly, so I'm determined to finish this year!

My chosen theme? Encyclopedia of. Sounds vague? Absolutely! But my brain started filling up with ideas as soon as I decided on those two words.

(And in case you're wondering, that tote in the third picture is from Fieldguided, and is one of my favorite things this spring. I promise they did not bribe me to say that.)


Colette said...

Hello Cassandra!
I had never heard of the Sketchbook project before today, and I am quite interested now. I love to draw and put things together and like you I want to make more time for art, but this year was hard with school and graduation. I think i will give it a try by signing up next month. It might be fun! What kind of things can you fill the sketchbook with? Does it only has to be with drawings?
Hope you had a lovely monday!

Cassandra said...

Hi Colette!
I too am having a hard time putting aside time for art and creating (thanks, work!), and couldn't even finish my sketchbook last year for that reason. But to answer your question, you can do whatever you want in the book! I know people that collage, and I think I'm even going to put a few of my photographs in this year. The guidelines are very loose, in fact, they aren't even strict about sticking to the theme you choose. I think their biggest concern is that people stay within the size restrictions. Good luck, and keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

Cassandra, how i can joint the sketchbook project?

Cassandra said...

Hart: Go here - http://www.arthousecoop.com/projects/sketchbookproject And on the right side of the page, you select a theme, enter your info, and purchase. It's super easy, and definitely worth the $25. =)