Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New blog layout and how I suck at posting here.

I follow a lot of aesthetically pleasing blogs, and decided that this week I would tidy mine up a little. This later led to two thoughts: 1) Why am I doing this? I am really bad at updating this thing. And 2) I could only manage to tweak everything for a little while, before I got frustrated and then started to lose my attention span. I always forget how much I hate fiddling around with code. The (temporary?) end result is better, it at least looks a little more organized, but maybe that will just help everyone be able to lurk me in other places on the World Wide Web.

Anyway, I feel like I should write you all a formal apology for failing to update this thing on a regular basis. Along with my tumblr. And my facebook. At first the problem was spreading the love between the three, but lately? No excuse. Other than being distracted with life. I wish that I could say that art made up the majority of my life, but sadly this is not the case (but it is still the dream). I am sorry. Really and truly.

And because I'm making this post to talk about how I suck at posting, and still don't have anything to show you (most of the artsy-like things I've been doing are on a computer screen, so unless you want to see a bunch of notebook scribbles...), here is a picture of my cat in a box. The box at least, did contain artsy-things at one point in its life.

P.S., Sometimes I wonder if future employers will google me and see that I do things like use the word "suck" in blog posts and think negatively of me. I am still a nice and competent person, I swear (pun intended).

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