Saturday, August 28, 2010

The etcetera.

I have to admit, producing work good enough to share with you has been rare these days, and my recent posts have been lackluster, but I'm also finding it hard to maintain this blog, tumblr, and facebook page all with different content. First world problems. So today, failing to bring you a fantastic image, I'm going show you recent life-things.

paints & butterflies

buttons & board

Pineapple & flowers

As for art, most of it has been bad sketches and unfinished projects, or finished projects that I haven't done anything with. But the reason for the latter is, I'm still preparing designs for my shop. And realizing how large of an endeavor this is, because I'm really trying to do it right. I keep scrapping and changing ideas, coming up with new ones, and branding myself (which is more work than I thought it would be – there are so many small details!). And even though I said I was taking a break, I'm really, really missing art shows. A whole effing lot. I need to do something about that. Oh, and I've been working on my Moleskine for The Sketchbook Project, which has been fun. Have any of you signed up?



Sophie said...

Hey lover. I miss you. It sucks that I can tell you that everywhere but we can't actually do anything about it =/

I'm excited for your finished moleskine. I wish I could draw worth a shit, cause I would totally do it. But you KNOW I'll be checking out the exhibit when it's in BK or NYC or where ever. I may also kidnap you. Since I threaten to pretty much monthly.

Unknown said...

cassy, i love this post. your pins, especially!!

Anonymous said...

Swearing is passe', and so unattractive, try cleaning up the language and you will do well in your endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Foul language is so passe', try cleaning it up and you will do well.

Cassandra said...

Profanity for the sake of profanity is silly, but "I miss you all the time" has a very different tone (and apparently provokes a very different reaction) than "I miss you all the fucking time." And for the sake of personal honesty (as that image is from my sketchbook), the latter of the two statements holds a more truthful ring for me.