Friday, January 22, 2010


Hi, I'm still bad at updating this business, despite my personal resolution to post more. A couple of things:

1. I AM FINALLY CAUGHT UP ON SENDING ON MAIL. INCLUDING ZINES. A batch went out last week, and the last went out yesterday! I included a little extra something with each, because I'm sorry to keep some of you waiting. You are amazing for being patient with me.

2. I added a few things to the etsy shop yesterday, including custom moleskines (which are the only custom drawings other than feathers I like doing for people these days), and wrist warmers, which I've really been enjoying crocheting lately, because I'm continuing to turn into an old lady.

3. Here are a couple of pieces that will be in ETA 7. There's 6 total, and I'll show you the last of them after I email the images to the gallery this weekend:

how the light gets in

the flood


Kate Lightfoot said...

Love the first one. I adore the mix of crisp lines around the girl and wildness of the drips of colour. Beautiful work. xxx kate

sara said...

i just started following your tumblr and saw the bird with the needle and thread piece and fell in love.
is there anyway that i could possibly be allowed to use it as a template for a tattoo in the future?
my email is