Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Day 23

Here's a fun post.

So about two weeks ago I noticed that my site (cassy.alittlenoise.org) was down. At first we thought it was a server issue and were just waiting it out, but its lack of a reappearance suggests that the hosting company closed/went out of business/whatever and didn't bother telling us. This is frustrating on a lot of levels. The primary ones being, I don't have my oldest work backed up anywhere, nor do I have the most recent code backed up (I know, I know.. incredibly foolish on my part). This means I have to rebuild more or less from scratch.

And I know I've asked this before, but could you please tell me where you host your sites/where the best new home for mine would be?

Edit. I think I have a temporary solution. I don't know. Sigh.


chomp chomp said...

You might know about this already, but if you want to try and save your site without doing a total rebuild, you can google search for your website and click "cached" and it will bring the site back up. You can copy the code and hope for the best.

I go through HostMonster, and it's allright. I don't know what the normal rates for website hosting are so I don't know how they rate price-wise, but check them out. I haven't had server crashing issues in the 3 years that I've had my website hosted through them.

Cassandra said...

Brilliant! Thank you so much!

Foul-weather knitter said...

The other thing you could do is if you have the URL of the pages saved and you didn't have robots set to block the site, it may be archived by wayback machine at the internet archive project-- www.archive.org

Go there, put in the URL of your webpage and click "Take Me Back". It may not have saved the latest version of your code, but you may get lucky and possibly it will have your old stuff!

Good luck!