Friday, November 28, 2008


So here is my tree - it didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned (I'm good at drawing, not painting, and I don't ever do things on such a large scale), but overall I'm happy with it. It was my Thanksgiving project - I finished it up today. And my room is a mess.. ignore that part.

Ignore the messy couch.

But I need a little help! I want to put some origami flowers on the wall too around the branches, but I can't find a decent pattern. Ideally, I want something like this:

But maybe those are just doilies? I can't tell. If the flower idea fails, I'm just going to tack some paper cranes to the wall/hang some from the ceiling.

Here's another pic, sans-couch. Yes, the ugly walls really do change colour depending on lighting.

Yes, the walls really do shift colour.


Atomier said...

Cool tree.

I added you to my blog list kiddo.

Cassandra said...

I've been subscribed to you for months. ;)

Atomier said...

You're better at keeping up then I am.

Man I never realized you only live a few hours away from Montreal. Your town looks crazy on the map. How many people are in Portsmouth?

Cassandra said...

I've never been to Canada, how sad is that? It's my neighbor and I've probably been a few short miles from the border, but never over.

I just looked up Portsmouth's population.. apparently last year there was 20,495 people. It feels like a typical small town most of the time, but I love it quite a lot.

Atomier said...

You should come up and visit sometime. This city is awesome.

Cassandra said...

So I hear! Hopefully someday.

Atomier said...

Are you in school?

Aim to come up for Nuit Blanche.

Check it out! All night art festival all over the city.

Cassandra said...

Holy crap, maybe I could as a birthday present to myself. HMM.

(I'm not in school. I'm too old for that business.)

Atomier said...

No you're not :)

Anyway, think about it.