Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hi, I still fail at art.

If you haven't yet, would you mind voting for my Threadless design? There's only 2 days left. And I'm not feeling very optimistic because apparently everybody hates the halo (or doesn't know what it is). Which further proves my theory that everything that I like about my art, other people dislike, and vice versa.

Forgive me, I am a big crankypants. And I've more or less dropped off the face of the earth.

pg. 33

The funny part about this is, the most enjoyable part was the script. Which isn't even very good, but compared to my typical script skills, it's a vast improvement. I say this is funny because I was just messing around. Yeah.. basically no effort was put into this entire page.


Anonymous said...

some people really need to take a good look at their own work before they start ripping other people to shreds.

there's constructive criticism, and then there's just plain bitchiness.

i like the halo! I like the simple icon against the detailed sketch.

Cassandra said...

Thank you. :) I honestly don't mind any of the criticism that I've received and I'm glad people that are being honest. I'm just very critical of myself so it's a little frustrating that something that is so obviously a halo to ME looks like a random ball of colour to most everyone else, haha.