Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Want Your Skull #6

But I'm not going to show you my drawing. I'll only tell you that I've shown it around the internet recently and it's not a human skull. Okay.. I'll probably show you a pic when I get my copy. Anyway, info time! (The rest of this is written by the amazing Ryan August, who puts this project together.):

I Want Your Skull #6 - Our ALL ART Issue!! Featuring 60+ of today's best artists:

James "Gunsho" Quigley :
Matt Lukesh :
Lythron :
Adam Turman :
Shawn Hebrank :
Justin "Angryblue" Kamerer :
Nathan Santistevan :
Stephen Kasner :
David V. D'Andrea :
Bobby Dixon :
Kory "Skummie" Schuerman :
Brian Ewing :
Christopher Lands :
Uncle Allan :
Johnny "Thief" Di Donna :
Tom Denney :
Mike "Maximum Fluoride" Fisher :
Von Dada :
Adam Swinbourne :
Kristof Tarisznyas :
Brooke Kent :
Eos :
Mr. Kellett :
Horrorwood :
Luke Drozd :
Tanya Pshenychny :
Steve "Pheck" Ritsua :
Gil Wadsworth :
Jared Connor :
Dan Springer : no website
Adam Saul :
Mike Sutfin :
Jason Goad :
Nate Van Dyke :
Ryan August :
Shannon Purvis :
Miss Pinny :
Von R. Glitschka :
Hydro 74 :
Marald :
Cassandra Warren :
Michael Heinz-Fischer :
Jason Tamvakis :
Jeral Tidwell :
Godmachine :
Brian Butler :
Mike Rheault :
Tony Streeter :
Chloe Woodgate :
Johnny Crap :
Jason Cooper :
Kenn Two Four :
Pete Cardoso :
Tenebrini :
Digitalink :
Murdoch Stafford :
David Witt :
Joshua Norton :
Drew Millward :
Steven Cerio :
Human Furnace :
Stephen Haynes :
Casey Burns :

64 pages. Offset printed with full color covers.

I tried something a little bit different this time and just filled the book up with amazing art. No interviews this time around. With the economy in shambles, I wanted to try and put out something a little more affordable for everyone, so we kept all the elaborate packaging and extras to a minimum for this issue.

Just $12ppd in the US. $18ppd anywhere outside the US.

I Want Your Skull on-line store

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