Thursday, July 10, 2008


Test. (This title might be changed.)

I keep forgetting to remind you local faces that there's a show tomorrow! It's a big group effort, so come see if you can!

Seacoast Redefined

This particular area of New Hampshire is plagued by boring landscape paintings and even more boring photography of prescious scenes. This is a way for artists who have had to deal with this for most all their lives to give their spin on how they view the area.
John Fanning, eLoSo, Randi Gravelle, Ryland Cook, Ryan Murphy, Cassandra Warren, Mimi Rotterman, Margaret Bieniek, Jess Leigh, Jenny Dougherty, Mike Lewis, Julian Paioff, Sylvea Johnson, Catherine Scala, Mike Durkee, Amy Jan Larkin, Jeff Luker, Mackenzie Burke, K. Lee Mock, Desmond Carl, Amanda Jones, Brooke Bouldry.

@ ellO gallery&shop
110 State St., Portsmouth, NH
July 11 - Aug. 4, 2008. Opening Reception: Fri. July 11, 5-9pm.

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