Saturday, July 19, 2008

Stupid post alert:

There are two things that I don't tend to draw because I suck at them. Script, and people. But someone asked me to draw up some script to go w/ a tattoo design that I did for them, and tonight on a whim I attempted to draw a girl (that as usual, I am very disappointed with). I know I should probably just practice both of these things more, but I end up getting so pissed off at the results that I never want to.

So I don't know if I should just throw the girl out, mail her away, or use her as part of the Philadelphia show. Input, please?

As an aside, I am often asked what I use to draw with. And I am always, always embarrassed to give my answer: I use a simple ballpoint. Professional, eh? But you know, I've tried other mediums, like Micron pens for example, and their flow and lack of bleed is great, but I can't shade as well with them. With ballpoints, I can get really light gradients if I need to. And honestly, most ballpoints kind of suck. The black ink is tinted weirdly or they glob up or just don't draw/write smoothly enough. So, here is my big secret.. the best pen that I've found and use for most everything:


Lysa Provencio said...

I found your work on the Juxtapoz website. I love your work. I am a artist as well. I sometimes think that I can't draw people as well... but I think you did a great job there... we just can't give up... and challenge is always swell. Just wanted to say that.

Cassandra said...

I just peeked at your work quickly, and I lovelovelove your guitars.. the silhouette of the ship on the waves is my favourite, I think.