Friday, April 11, 2008

O hay, image overload.

Advanced warning:

That bird/banner/flower drawing? Yeah, I screwed THAT up last night. It looks like a fucking child coloured it or something. It's so bad, I refuse to even show you. But I'm going to try again and try watercolours instead of pencils. Few things cause me to put on my cranky pants faster than ruining a drawing that I otherwise like.

I have a little more than two months to complete work for July's Seacoast Redefined show (have I mentioned how excited I am for this yet?), and unfortunately... I'm lacking ideas. Which is a little surprising, since I love drawing oceanic images. The ideas that I do have are very vague. Secret: I never make rough sketches before beginning final pieces. I usually have the idea clearly mapped out in my head, and I draw right onto whatever surface I'm using for the final. But I'm finding myself trying to jot down ideas for this. Please bear with me.. these are obviously not masterpieces.

I'm going to do a couple of very small pieces too - around 3x4". Thus far I've only prepped a couple of pieces of leftover record sleeves. I need to hunt for some interesting paper. I think I want to do a lot on maps. I just need to find some first.

This week has been incredibly stupid. Last night I did a few of the things that make me happiest.. I drew, played guitar, rode my bike.. but I still can't shake this odd feeling of panic. And now I have to go to an opening and pretend that I'm full of sunshine. Oh, the Bailey show pictures still aren't up anywhere, but my roommate Byrdy posted this one. It's my bag from the outside of the gallery, through foggy windows. You can make out the silhouettes of the two birds on the back:

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