Saturday, March 29, 2008

Goodbye, March (among other things).

I've decided that an important part of this process (read: an essential way to maintain my sanity) is to do a bit of spring cleaning and rid my life of some unnecessary negativities. Much of this is simply in the way I view myself and my art - I like myself, I have a pretty healthy ego at this point in my life, but I need to stop doubting myself so much, because that is only going to be detrimental in the long run. Unfortunately, this negativity cleansing also means figuring out which existing elements are helping and which are making things worse. And the only reason I began that sentence with "unfortunately," is because some of these elements are people. This should be an obvious in anyone's life, but I don't want to interact with anyone or anything that constantly and consistently makes me feel bad about myself. And please, don't let your panties get twisted up here, I'm not referring to anyone that reads this silly thing.

Anyway, I'm still drawing roses. I don't know what the crap this one is, I was just messing around.

Another rose?  I don't know.

In more exciting news, my new buttons & pocket mirrors arrived in my mailbox today (thank you!), and will be stocked in my Etsy shop later this week. I have 15 mirrors and 50 buttons, since the other half of everything went to ellO this afternoon. I dropped off my BaileyWorks bag too, which is finally finished - there will be pictures of that after the show Friday.

April merch

In other news, my friend Alex let me borrow one of his guitars today, and this makes me a very happy lady (I miss playing a lot). We are going to try to do some sort of musical project. You know, with all of that free time that I don't have.


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