Sunday, February 3, 2008

Things that I'm working on:

These are all very unfinished and don't look like much right now, but I'm excited about all of them. Me excited about three projects all at the same time! WHAT IS GOING ON??! Anyway..

This is the blueprint that I was/am terrified of ruining. So far, so good. This is only part of it though, it definitely can't fit into my scanner. Actually, nothing in this post fits into my scanner well. The sketch on this is unimpressive thus far, but I hope it will be amazing when it's more filled in. These are mostly just outlines and as you can see, I haven't even erased the pencil lines yet. I'm actually more attached to it than I should be, and already don't want to sell it at the show. =/

This scan is REALLY crappy. And I haven't drawn on this yet. But I'm excited to.
Excited = word of the day.

Hey remember this? I abandoned it for a couple of months there, but now I'm finally on my way to finishing it. This is another one I'm attached to.

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