Wednesday, February 20, 2008

January, March, July, September, October.

Okay my dears, I really need your feedback on this piece, especially if you've seen the in-progress versions. After finishing the waves, even after adding in the grey wash, the birds seemed lost in them. I originally wanted this entire piece to be black/grey/white, but I added some pale blue to the birds to make them stand out a little better. Do you feel like the colour takes away from the feeling of the piece? I mean, does the colour in the finished version make you "feel" any different than the in-progress versions? (Note, I am mostly posing this question to my LJ readers, these blog entries are copied/pasted from there.)

I suppose for me, it makes the birds seem more hopeful, which may or may not be a good thing, I guess it would depend on the viewer's perspective. I'm obviously biased, as this was started back in September for the sake of some sort of venting when my (now non-existent) relationship began fraying for the last time. Which is.. maybe too much to be sharing in a public entry. It was a little awkward to finish this, and it's a little awkward to be posting it, considering that it stemmed from such a negative and personal circumstance (for this reason, I'm going to have to let you wonder about the title). I also like this piece, aesthetically anyway, not where it came from, but I do hope it sells at the show. It's not something I have any interest in keeping, which I'm sure you understand.

January, March, July, September, October.

In other news, the deadline for the show work was March 10th, but I was informed this week that it is now the 25th of THIS month, which is causing waves of stress (understatement). I am absolutely frantic, I keep stress-crying, and getting upset over the smallest and most irrational things. I am such a fun person right now. =/

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